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External/Internal siren

Hi All


Really interested in adding an External Alarm Siren to my current Alro Setup.

I have been doing some reading and it seems you can get some External/Internal Alarm Sirens that can be triggered via IFTTT

I was wondering if anyone had recomendations as to what the best ones are and ease of use.

I also reas Arlo ahowed their own Alarm Systen at CES but have not heard or read anything since as an Arlo External Alarm would be a great addition to the system.


Thanks in advance


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brh Master

Re: External/Internal siren


I think that is slated for release later this year. 



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Re: External/Internal siren

Arlo Ultra cameras have an alarm built in. But there have been complaints that it is to quiet to be all that alarming. It doesn't seem to scare the deer here.


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