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Arlo Pro Not Connecting To Base After Power Outage

I’ve had the Arlo Pro for around 6 months. 2 cameras and the base station. It has been working perfect until I had a power outage about a week ago. Now my cameras will connect to my Base station, with it showing all 3 lights being green, but only when my cameras are inches away from the base station. If I move the cameras a foot from the base station the video freezes and then goes offline and says my base station is offline. I have contacted Arlo and after over an hour of being on the phone with them nothing was resolved. I have reset my base station, reconnected it to my WiFi, taken everything off my Arlo app and added it all back. Nothing is working. Before I call Arlo back again has anyone else had this issue? Thanks

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Arlo Pro Not Connecting To Base After Power Outage


it could be that one of the radios inside the base was damaged. I would probably purchase another base. If that resolves your problem, the well and good as Arlo Customer Service may or may not replace a base that was damaged by a power outage. If it doesn't fix your problem, then simpy return it and continue troubleshooting.



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Arlo Pro Not Connecting To Base After Power Outage

Before buying the new base (which may be a fix), use the system reset to see if that helps. Remove all devices from Settings, My Devices. Hold the reset button until the base LEDs flash amber and let it reboot. Claim the base normally (Add Device on the Devices tab) and sync the cameras. That may be all that's needed.


ALso, you can open a case with support if you're still within the 1 year warranty for an RMA:

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