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Controlling Motion Detection

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I am trying to get a handle on the motion sensitivity, i want to keep the distance sensitivity as much as i can, i want real quick motion like a second to be ignored, birds shooting by are triggering my camera and they are so fast that when the camera records they are already gone, i can only assume thats the issue as i heard chirps on one video and think i spotted one in the yard on the other over the 20 something videos with nothing.


I want it to be as sensitive as it can to anything in the distance, i dont want to shorten the legnth of the detector, i want to just give it say hey 1 second or less detection, ignore it.


I dont understand the sensitivity slider as it doesnt really explain what aspect its changing.


oh and BTW tags on this site are horrid, the only one i have found is installation and it wont take any of my own, or let me leave it blank

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Honestly, distance is your enemy. For best performance, you what your viewing area as tight as possible. This will give you the best performance and detection ability. The camera also detects motion best when it approachs the camera from an angle. As a result, you want to angle your camera slightly from your main target area.
Regarding the sensitivity adjustment, you are sorta regulating the sensitivity of the motion detector to the infrared heat signature of the object in its view. So moving the sensitivity down, should result in less detection of certain objects.