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Cloud services for Arlo. Wanting to delete account...

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What a shame...

Where do I start.

Brought a 4 camera system, the write up seemed to be good, box indicated that it had all that I wanted, then opened it up, installed the first camera, downloaded the APP, and felt like a huge clown.   


WHY?  I work in IT, and have to my disposal over 10 petabyte of space (yes huge amount).  Very lucky, I have also cloud storage from BT and Google which is over 2Tb, so why would I want to use Arlo cloud services?
Anyway. As the box didn't mention this, and the box had to be opened and installed to find this out (lack of documentation), I was lucky enough to be able to return the product.  I purchased a better system that you can use either your own storage (local or remote), SD card, USB flash using the hub or HDD even supports SDD.

So all I wanted now is to call support and get them to delete my account , as I getting unwanted updates even though this is unchecked in my profile.

I called the UK number, where I was in a queue for almost 5 mins, then the line went silent for an additional 2 minutes then line went dead.  After my 7th attempt to have the same thing happen, I thought my life is worth more than spending it trying to get hold of a support group that doesn't appear to exist.  

Thought I would try my luck with the chat option .

Where that also failed with "chat not available" so this is where I went down the list of supported products (top to bottom) and some actually allowed me to connect, then get a message saying "no agents available".

So is there anyone out there?  How do you get them to stop sending emails and how do you delete your account?

How bloody annoying.

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi rubbish_camera,


We appreciate your feedback about the Arlo camera and sorry to hear the experience you're having to contact the support team. Let me reach out to you via private message to gather more information from you.