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Charging fault has been detected

I bought a Arlo Pro base station with 2 camera's in Dec 2018.  The system works well, but now the camera's are running low battery.


When I try to charge the camera's with the cable that came with the box and use a regular plug (Apple iPhone or iPad), the camera batteries don't charge.  I get an error:

"A charging fault has been detected.  Unplug and reconnect the charger from the camera side of the plug.  If this error persists, see KB".  I have tried un-plugging the cable from the camera but that did not help.


I don't see that Netgear plug for charging the camera's in the box?


So, the question(s):

1. Does Arlo bundle the charging plug in the box? If not, why?  Am I missing a accessory in the box and should return the product?

2. Do I need to buy a plug separately, if so which one?


Thanks in Advance for any help!

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brh Master

Re: Charging fault has been detected


The box should have an AC adapter and although it looks just like adapters that Apple uses to charge its phones and ipads, the Arlo Adapter uses Qualcom technology that provides 9 volts to the camera for charging. The Apple AC do not provide the necessary 9 volts thus they will not charge your cameras. ( I understand that some Samsung quick charge AC adapters will work though). The Arlo AC adapter will have the Word. "ARLO," on its side and it looks very similar to the Apple adapters. If you did not recieve one of these in the box, I would assume that you purchased a refurbished unit and should return it immediately for exchange for a brand new system.



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