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Changed Internet provider but now won't recognize my Pro Base Station. Help?

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txldf44 Follower

Can anyone tell me how to reach a tech on the phone, before I throw this system under a train. I have a Pro changed internet provides and now will not recognize even my base station. I am not a computer smart person but this is crazy not having a tech phone number. Just glad I did not go and buy more cameras to add as I had planned for tomorrow. Anyone with a phone number I would be greatful

brh Master


if you go to this page:


near the bottom there will be a place where you can choose the country you live in and it will give you the Customer Support page.


That being said, I have changed internet companies and all I had to do was to remove power from the base then power it back up and Arlo automatically found my new internet. 

If that doesn't work. you might need to contact your internet provider's technical support as some modems/routers have a built in firewall that blocks the ports that Arlo needs to be open - Ports 80, 123 and 443.