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Cannot turn off siren during an alarm event

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I have frequently been unable to turn off the base station siren.


In the event of an alarm, I can log into the app and see the cameras, but I cannot turn off the siren (the button doesn't load) and disarming has no affect.


Sometimes, my wife's phone gets the option to turn off the base station siren (when my app does not give me the option). At other times, my only option is to physically turn off the siren.

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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The latest apps use a pulldown drawer near the top of the Devices tab to access the siren. Have you tried that?

I had the exact same issue today. Forgot to disarm, walked in, siren blasted, opened the app and the "drawer" pull down said Alarm. No option to silence it. Had to walk up to the blaring base unit with my ears plugged and press the button on top as quickly as possible. WHY?? This is core functionality. It should, as they say, just work.