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Cannot Manage Camera Setting In Android App

Is anyone else having issues changing camera settings via Android app version 2.6.5_23400. The only thing I can change in relation to the camera via the app is the name.


I have been very unhappy with this product since the last camera firmware release, motion activation seems way less sensitive(at 100%) and the recording misses at least the first few seconds. Getting to the stage where I just want to replace them with another brand after I had an incident on the weekend which missed the vital first few seconds.


Is the paid subscribtion service any better?

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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Cannot Manage Camera Setting In Android App

The level of service has no bearing on how the app works. I would reboot the phone and reinstall the app since it's a local problem. I have multiple Android devices using the latest ap with no issues manipulating cameras.

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Cannot Manage Camera Setting In Android App

What is better is more costly. You need a Pro 2 camera, constant power (wired) and a subscription for 24 hour cloud. The Pro 2 has a 3 second "look back" that includes the previous three seconds from the point it detects the event. The Pro cannot do this even when wired with upgrade subscription. It is an upsell feature from Arlo for Pro 2.

Regarding your camera changes, some have reported that in the general setting the video and audio do not stick when changed in the app. This is not widespread but has been noted by a few. I normally use the web based GUI for this. My changes always (so far) stick with either the app or the UI but personally prefer using the web UI since it seems more stable.

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Re: Cannot Manage Camera Setting In Android App

thanks for the reply, I have tried removing and re installing the app no luck. I have an IOS device that works correctly showing all camera settings. I suspect possibly  an issue with my device then Google Pixel 2? The only other thing i did have on in the app setting was sharing with another user which I have since turned off and this did not resolve the issue.

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Re: Cannot Manage Camera Setting In Android App

thanks Joe, yes it still seems like the arlo pro 2 is one of the better systems on the market. I have the original Arlo outdoor system not even the pro version. It's annoying though to have to upgrade the hardware already though.


The good news is that I did get good enough footage of the guys attempting to break into my Car when they saw the camera start recording they did move off and they were picked up by the police later that day so hopefully it proves useful to the police in getting a conviction

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