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Can't delete videos in library all at once on Android Arlo app. Tried reinstalling the app.

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I use to be able to delete the videos in my library all at once now I cant. If I have say 5 videos in the library and press and hold on 1 the little green dot would appear then tap the upper right square on the screen it use to delete all videos now it removes the green dot and says deselect all, I have to tap each video to put the green dot then delete them, running Android version 9, and yes I have removed app and re- downloaded started with new app and yes the old one is removed.

Arlo Employee Retired

Hey silverado44,


When you hold on a video you want to delete, you should be able to see on the top-right corner to select all videos. You can choose if you want to delete all videos or select the videos that you don't want to be deleted and then hit the "trash can" icon. 


Are you not seeing the "select all" icon on your Arlo app on your phone device on the top-right corner?


The box iam seeing now is the same box in the upper right hand corner as always but when I press and hold the video to put the green dot in the video then go to the box to select all it takes away the green dot.  I found out today I now have to press the 3 vertical dots and a option comes up to select all, its like the select all box is working backwards.