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Can't control false detection after firmware update occurred. Sensitivity is down to 1.

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Really HATE the upgrade that was done. I CAN'T control the false detections no matter how I setup the settings. I want the old upgrade where I could control the area of detection. I set the cameras up for people only and the plants in my yard or the neighbors yard still sets off the cameras. I also have the senativeity down to 1. It's so bad that I have to turn off the camera(s), what's the point of having them then. I'm getting to the point of giving the whole system I have to my son and finding another camera system.


Arlo, change the system where we have control over the detention area of the cameras. 😞


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Hey msgt46270,


Have you tried rebooting your Base Station to see if  that resolves the issue?

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I reboot the base station, my router and my modem. That's not going to fix the issue. The software was changed and it was a bad idea to change something that worked. I currently have 26 false detections today where as before I didn't have any or very few. I had to angle the camera in my driveway down a lot so that the passing cars won't set off the detection, but I'll have to adjust it again because cars are still setting off the camera. That means I can't have my truck that is parked on the street covered by the camera to detect motion in case someone wants to break into my truck. The camera on the side yard I had to adjust again today. I had to lower the top view on it just to the top of my 4 foot tall gate. The camera in the back yard I have to turn off because the plant in my neighbors yard sets off the camera.

I'm really disappointed in the Arlo camera's system, it was great when I first got it. Right now if someone was to ask me what I thought of them, I would tell them not to get them.

But I really hope we can come up with a good fix, if not I'll give the system to my son.



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If you're still experiencing the problem where you're receiving false motion detection, contact the Support Team to further investigate this issue. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link.


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Looks like I'll be giving my  son the Arlo system I have and I'm going to buy the Blink XT2 Three Camera System.  Looking at the Youtube video below, it's has a better detection zone setup.


Good bye Arlo!


Very unhappy customer.

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No thanks, I'm done with Arlo.


I just got home from buying the Blink XT2 camera system. I'll be removing the Arlo cameras and sending it to my son.


When Arlo changed the detecting zone option, they really screwed up. But Blink 's detection system looks to be a whole lot better than Arlo's.


Thanks for trying to help.


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