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Can someone gain access to an Arlo Pro camera if they can get to the home station?

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I have an Arlo Pro camera set up outside my house, and the home station is inside the house. I have not granted access to my camera, however I believe that someone within my household has been able to gain access to it without me knowing. If someone inside the house finds the home station, can they gain access to my camera by making a new Arlo account, using the information on the home station, and linking it to the camera? This way there would be two separate accounts that have access to the same camera, and neither would necessarily know the other exists.


Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Your email address and password is your Arlo account, so the only way to access the cameras and videos, would be for someone that knows that information. Otherwise, if you have not granted anyone permissions, they can not access your system. I would suggest changing your password and don't give it to anyone. But, if you automatically had, say, Google Chrome automatically fill in the password and your computer was not logged out, anyone could open the IDE and gain access.