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Can I run 2 base stations with 5 cameras each?

I am interested in buying the Arlo Pro and wondering if I can run both base stations with 5 cameras each or would I need to upgrade the subscription and add them to the new base station that came with the Pro.

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Re: Can I run 2 base stations with 5 cameras each?

Ther is no limit to the number of base stations you run on any service level... The limit per service is # of cameras.  5 , 10, or 15.


And tho I see no problem running both the new and old base  at same time together, you can only link cameras to one base at a time...I would think only the cams linked to the new base would have the new option like local record available


Sounds like an upgrade...mind that you also get 30 days of recording in next level.


Or run two free accounts with diff emails losing the extras that come with the newer base on 5 cams.

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