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Re: Camera not liking battery with showing "Time to Change Batteries" after swapping batteries

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I have a new Alro Pro system (purchased 1/14/2019) and I have one camer tha says "it's time to change batteries". I have installed new batteries after trying to charge them in the camera and I still get that error.

I tried swapping batteries and in another camera it tells me that the charging cord that it came with is not an approved cord.

I've gone out and purchased a seperate charger and additional battery. Same error..

Any Suggestions?

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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First thing to note... the charge and cable that come with the Arlo Pro/Pro2 cameras are qualcomm type dual voltage chargers.  They put out 5v to run the camera and 9v to charge the pack.

You can NOT use a regular USb charge adapter and charge the battery pack


The only thing I can reccommend is to pull battery to reset camera and then attempt to use the original adapter.


If it fails to function, there is the possiblity the camera may have a defect and you should contact Arlo support


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It possibly could be a broken connector in the camera or the battery may not be making good contact due to tolerences being off. I know some people have hat to wedge a small piece of cardbord on top of the battery to exert enough pressure to make the battery make contact with the camera pins. If you are using the original Arlo power adapter and cable and they charge other cameras, I would contact cistomer support for a camera replacement.