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Camera going offline

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I have the 4 camera and base system and one camera keeps on going offline. I chatted with CS yesterday and they told me to take battery out and bring camera close to the station. I did that and even resetted the system but today it's not working again! I tried contacting support via chat but I was holding for more that 30 min and had to go. When the camera is on, it has full bars. It is less than 12 feet from the base station.
Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Guru TomMac Guru

Swap the camera with one of the others that is working well... see if the issue follows the camera.

Also you can try the camera on AC only with battery removed

this will eliminate other possible causes.


If NG, contact Arlo support for possible warrenty

Morse is faster than texting!