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Camera Loses Connection In Cold Weather

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Dking85 Aspirant

I have 3 cameras, 2 indoor and 1 outddoor.  The outdoor camera is the closest to the base station, about 15ft away and always has full bars for signal.  This is the first winter I have had them, and the outdoor camera has been losing connection with the base station overnight when temperatures get around or below freezing, not everytime, but about once a week.  The battery still has a charge after I reconnect it, but it is annoying to reconnect because I have to get a ladder and fetch the camera.  I have completely reset the camera and rotated battereries, yet it is still happening overnight, currently going to rotate the outdoor camera with an Indoor camera and see if it still persists.

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
ArloRetina Initiate

Hmmmmm.... I am having the same problem. But just with my camera that has a direct cable power connection and not my battery powered one. Both are outside. See my post to see what I mean.

So if that is the case for you, I am not really sure what the issue is now since both mine are outside. Maybe we should try deleting the device from the app and reinstalling it.