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Camera Appears In The Inactive Section.

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my existing system have 

1 base hub

5 pro cameras.

my account is FREE basic.

i decided to add another base hub with additional pro camera.


i added the base to y network and went to the app and added the base.

i added the additional pro camera and i see it too.

i see the base in my device settings.


i went to devices section in the app and clicked add new camera.

the camera was added but i didnt see it in the list of cameras and i cant see the viewing area.


i than went to settings-> your subscriptoin -> manage camera status

and i see the camera that i added in the Inactive Cameras.



if i inactive one of my existing 5 cameras.... than i am able to move that new camera to the active section.



my question is like this:

1. do i need to PAY in order to see my 6th camera?

2. in order to see my new camera do i need to create a complete new profile and assign that base with the camera to that new profile?


i know that each base can handle 5 cameras un the free account...

but this was the reason why i purchased a completely new base with 1 camera.



if there is a solutoin for that... than i will be happy to know.

BEFORE the new look update of the app... i was able to see the 2 base hubs with all the cameras... but now i have no clue how to do it.


any help?






Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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1) Free or Basic level is 5 cameras max ( no limit on bases ) , so Yes an upgrade or run two accounts ( diff pw/email )

2) Yes


PS the second base will show up on the first account in settings, but the 6th cam will be inactive as you've seen

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