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Browser Extension for Live Viewing/recording Issue?

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I have discovered after installing 21 of these cameras that they won't record while I'm viewing live without hitting that little button.  This is a serious limitation for me.  This set up will have several users and I don't want to take the chance that one of them is using the live feed to monitor activity, isn't paying attention for a few minutes and forgot to hit that button, so the footage is lost forever. 


Has anyone found a work around for this? My first thought was a browser extension to automatically hit that button whenever you hit the live button, but I have zero experience in creating one.  


I called netgear and they insisted this is not a problem and refuse to admit that it's a limitation of their system.  I would not have purchased these cameras had I bee aware of this before hand.  I have discovered the API that a couple of users have put together that might fix this problem, but that is beyond the scope of my current skills.  I would be willing to learn and put something together, but the window to return thousands of dollars in this equipment is going to close very soon.  Please help.

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To be accurate, this is a design decision. Manul recording while live viewing is possible but not motion detection. A relatively simple solution is user training, especially if this is th eonly issue you face.