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Bought Pro Smart Security w 2 cams. Battery was inserted and using all cables/wires provided. Yet it prompts incompatible charger. Pls help!!! Model VMS4230

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It could be a bad charger or cable. You can try a different charger that supplies both 5v and 9v outputs such as supplied with many newer phones. A different cable may also be useful - use a quality one since cheap cables can be an issue. Be sure both ends are properly and fully inserted.


Thought I would start a new thread with this issue.  It seems to be a common problem people have, and yet based on the other discussions I've read Arlo doesn't seem to have an answer.  


I'm using the charger and cable that came with the system.  It seems to work fine:  I'm able to charge any number of other devices around my house.  I also have a 9V Samsung charger that should charge the cameras.  


But all three of my cameras give me the "Incompatible charger" message when I plug in either the Arlo or Samsung charger.  I was in a long chat session with support.  Because I'm 17 months from purchase they wouldn't send me a replacement $15 charger to rule out that issue, which I thought was ridiculous.  


My main concern at this point is that the cameras themselves are somehow faulty.   This is based on Arlo's own support article:  But since Arlo wouldn't even send me a charger, I doubt they'll cover three cameras which are out of warranty.  


Another post on this topic suggested that the charger was somehow made obsolete via a firmware update; I'm unsure whether or not this is possible.  


How/why would neither the Arlo nor Samsung charger work?  It seems equally impossible that both chargers are bad, and that all three cameras are somehow faulty (they all sync to the base station and show video, btw).  Is the only option to buy a dedicated battery charger?  Is so, I'm definitely not buying the Arlo brand charger......


Agreed. It will cost them some $$$ to fix this. Not holding my breath,