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Is anyone else having issues getting billed for thing but never seeing a bill or an invoice? I have a $99.00 charge but nothing that goes with it. There is no where on the account to show what you are subscrided to. 

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Arlo Moderator

Re: Billing

Hi @Ribeira1,


I have sent you a PM to further investigate of your charge for $99.

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Re: Billing

I really like the Arlo Camera, but absolutely hate their customer service.  I made the mistake of trying their FREE 30 day upgrade and tried to down grade to the least expensive and it would not let me.   Their customer service entered a zero dollar amount and said it will not charge me, but my credit card was still charged the 9.99. I contacted my credit card company and they worked with Arlo and received two months credit.


I again received another notice from Arlo saying they were going to bill me for service. I contacted Customer support again.    Support said I had to show them where my credit card was billed, even though they issues two credits.  After hours of frustration, I wanted to cancel my account all together and they would not cancel it.  I had to call my credit card company and tell them to refuse future charges.    A case of a good product, with absolutely awful support, loosing a customer. 

My case# 40239380

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Re: Billing


Your Arlo subscription for the account is up for renewal and will auto renew on 12/21/2018. Your credit card on file will be charged the amount due.

Your subscription will be automatically renewed using your credit card information at the same cost and frequency you have selected, unless you cancel.

To cancel your Arlo subscription, you can visit

Please note that we must receive your cancellation request before the end of your subscription term so that your credit card is not charged. For the full Arlo Terms of Service please visit

Thanks for being a member of the Arlo family!

The Arlo team



I was ALREADY charged $9.99 for a plan upgrade, ARLO took the funds on 12-11-18 from my account YET on 12-14-18 and again on 12-20-18 I get an email that I will be charged $9.99 on the 12-21-18...why?  I crinch when I have to call their customer service which is HORABLE!  No one understands or seems to address the matter.

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Re: Billing

How do I cancel my subscription. I cant seem to find how to on the page
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Arlo Moderator

Re: Billing

Hi @Kmoza,


You can go to Settings > Subscription > Change Plan on the web version to change/cancel your subscription. You can read here more on how to change/cancel your subscription: How do I change or cancel my Arlo subscription plan?

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Re: Billing

For one reason or another this month, I have been over billed on my monthly subscription. I am now being billed $9.99 vs the $4.99 that I signed up for. Can any assist me with this issue?

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Arlo Moderator

Re: Billing

Hey @theduck71,


Have you contacted our support team regarding your issue? If not, let me know and I can help create a case for you so our support team can assist you.

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