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Base Station stopped functioning about 3 weeks ago and camera doesn't work or light up.

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I think you should stop selling Arlo products for the following reasons:  1). Your support help is less than unacceptable!  My base stop functioning about 3 weeks ago and your suggestion to get it back on line is failing to date!  One of my two cameras just doesn't work anymore; it doesn't even light up at all (amber or green), so I think the camera is dead!  

As of this date, I am no longer interested in purchasing Arlo products!


Dear Arlo Team, dear Netgear,

i'm now having Arlo Pro with 5 cameras since a few years.

Netgear (Arlo) said, hey you're welcome. Join the community and send us your ideas to make our products much better. Since that thousand of Customers send you ideas and feature request. Like a really really simple implementation in the iOS App to change the notification sound, that it sounds more like a alert and not just a message. It's just one line peace of code for an iOS Developer to implement this. Nothing happened for years!!!

Now with any update of the App and your Cloud system, Arlo becomes less comfortable. The connection isn't stable anymore, the Notifications not working correctly, disabling the Alert doesn't work correct anymore (need to enable it twice to disable it). And more like, the system hangs if no internet connection (or no DNS) is available. So easy way to get in, cut the internet in the house and a thief has easy going (no alert, no recording).

Since the last update off the app it becomes much more terrible... Activating the system not working correctly. I need two or more tries, because the app sayin' "yeah its enabled" but it doesn't work if i try it. Or the App sayd "the cameras are not enabled", but on the other appe on another device sayin' "it's ok all cameras are ready". And the newest problem is, that i'm not getting notification emails anymore!

I understand that a company needs to create new products for the market. But not investing time in making existing products quality better or even STABLE... isn't a could choice to get positive feedback or reviews.

For example, take a look at the German Router Company AVM with their Product "Fritz!Box". Even in real old models (products) they spend a lot of time to fix issues, make it more secure and spend time to add to them new features in new AND old products. And what happened over the years? They became the most recommended and best router company anywhere!

Pleas Arlo-Team, please Netgear... stop ignoring your customers and do a great job again!

Thank you!


It seems that they doesn't like critics. My main thread is now hidden, without any response from Arlo Team. Can't find it in list or search anymore. Thats a sad sign. Bad work Arlo! 😞