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Base Station fix

Finally got my cameras back up and going. I had to log in from a computer and remove the base station from my devices then reinstall the base station and cameras. Working fine now.
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brh Master

Re: Base Station fix


Just for the benefit of those that are still down, did you do the factory reset, or did deleting everything and then adding them back in fix it for you?



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Re: Base Station fix

No factory reset. I just signed in on my computer and removed the base station from My Devices then reinstalled the base station. Had to sync my cameras again.
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Re: Base Station fix

Removed base station from device list, added it again and resynched cameras worked. No hard reset needed, but it might as well have been because all of my custom modes have to be set up again.
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Re: Base Station fix

FYI, removing the base from Settings, My Devices performs a factory reset (the LEDs on the base go through a reboot and end up with green power and Internet just as if the first time powered on). The reset button does the same thing but doesn't remove the base from your settings.

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Re: Base Station fix

What a royal PITA! I had to do a hard reset the last time system updates were added. Not taking Arlo with me to the new house, that's for sure.
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Re: Base Station fix

Removing base station and adding cameras back does not fully resolve problem in Oklahoma Area, neither does resetting base station and adding cameras back.     It does remove the error that the base station is offline, but you cannot control the cameras from the iphone ap, the online ap (even after deleting cookies), nor does the system detect and report movement.   At least before resetting everything the system would still set off the siren when movement was detected, now I have nothing.

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Re: Base Station fix

Background: I have an Arlo Pro system (2 cameras) and was able to log into the web version ( and live view cameras but the base station was still showing as offline. On the iPhone 8 app (latest iOS and Arlo app version), I was unable to live view the cameras at all (kept saying "Getting Status" until it would error out and say "Offline") and the base station showed "Offline" as well.


I was able to fix this morning by following the below instructions of removing the base station and re-syncing the cameras (I didn't have to do the paperclip reset method). It may not work for everyone but it worked for me to fix the above issue:

1) Log into

2) Under Settings - My on the base station and then "remove device"

3) The "camera" light (3rd one) on my base station changed to orange (the other 2 lights were green)

4)  I rebooted the base station (pulled power cable out, waited 1 minute, plugged back in) and waited for the 2 green lights to come back on

5) I signed out of the Arlo app on my iPhone, uninstalled/deleted the app, and then rebooted the iPhone (not sure if you have to do this step but I did)

6) I reinstalled the Arlo app on my iPhone. Launched the Arlo app on my iPhone (make sure your iPhone is on WiFi and connected to the same network as your base station) and went through the initial setup. First it has to find the base station on the network.

7) Then it allows you to sync your cameras one at a time (hold the "Sync" button on the top of the base station for 2 seconds until the "camera" light starts blinking green...then bring one camera close and hold its "Sync" button for 2 seconds. You should see its blue light blink on/off and the "Camera" light on the base station blinks green. You will know the camera synced successfully because the blue light on the camera will blink quickly a number of times and then the "Camera" light on the base station goes solid green


After doing the above, I was able to successfully live view the cameras in the Arlo iPhone app and motion notifications and everything are now working properly for me. I hope this helps others because someone posting the tip that removing the base station and re-adding worked for me so I hope I can help others too.

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Re: Base Station fix

ARP1, I followed your step by step process with a few differences in order to get my system working.  (although the differences seem minor, for some reason following yours exactly did not work.)    So for the sake of others reading these posts, this is what I did to get mine finally working:


1.  Remove mobile ap from iphone.

2.  Log into

3.  Remove base station.

4.   Unplug base station for 30 seconds, plug back in.

5.   Once power and internet lights turned green, I added the base station.   (I actually had to click the add device several times because it kept timing out, but eventually the base station was successfully added.)

6.  Once the base station was added, I synched the cameras.

7.  After all cameras were synched, it took approximately 20 minutes before I could view live feeds from the online website application (so patience is needed).  Once I could view live feeds I continued with step 8.

8. Signoff website application and re-installed the iphone mobile application.

9.  Signed onto the mobile application and was able to access all cameras. 

Unfortunately, I had lost approximately 50% of my saved "Modes".   I set those back up, tested them, and everything is now working again.


(So very minor differences, but this did result in a "working" system.")

Thank you ARPR1, VERY MUCH for your help!.


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YMR Aspirant

Re: Base Station fix

how do you remove base station from your devices

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Re: Base Station fix



You have to log into


Then under Settings - My on the base station and then "remove device"

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Re: Base Station fix

Not being able to live stream is not necessarily a base issue. It is an iOS latest rev (2.4.7) issue. Having the same problem with Arlo Q ... no base. Arlo updated software Mar 7 to 2.4.7 and live streaming has not functioned consistently since. Have iPad with prior version of Arlo app and works great.
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