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Arlo pro goes offline and battery drops

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JPav80 wrote:

Did you happen to go and look at the camera prior to taking the battery out?  On the last 2 occasions I checked and the camera was offline while hooked to the solar panel and the camera's IRs were on which explains the battery dropping while offline.  Today being a cloudy day, somehow my other camera is now charging with the same solar panel after not charging yesterday with full sun.  Now I am hoping to pinpoint camera vs solar panel as the issue when the temperature drops again with the camera attached to solar.  I am not sure it will be cold enough but we are also supposed to get heavy rain tomorrow.   Costco is the way to go when purchasing these expensive items.  They have a very flexible return policy since troubleshooting simply takes too long when going back and forth with Netgear tech support.  During the summer I was recommending these cameras to neighbors and friends.  After this experience, I simply do not recommend this product for anyone who doesn't have patience or has time to troubleshoot.  My neighbors see me messing around with these things too much.



All I got was a blinking orange light on one cam and the other just nothing at all completely dead and as soon the battery were taken out with USB connected thru AC, A blinking blue light came on and sync right away fine. A relief indeed. The batteries were cold when I took it out..I didn't have a chance to troubleshoot the battery.. I just wanted the cameras working right away.. So am running both outside cams AC only and one inside the house AC with battery which never had a problem so far.. Yeah, I think Costco is the ONLY way  to go when it comes to warranty.  I returned quite a bit of these kits already and maybe this upcoming days I'll be packing this up again if it starts acting up.. Pretty much am getting a whole new set of kit every couple of months.. It sux but am used to it now.. So don't be surprised if you returned yours and you got another which prolly' the one I returned.. lol.. might get yours too.. vice versa.. Just make sure you get a new one and double check the tape on side of the box it's never been opened.. My neighbor sees me many times and finally suggested to go get a dog..


I wanted to close the loop on this issue.  After testing all my cameras with my solar panel and working with tech support it was determined that the camera had a hardware issue and Netgear did send out a refurbished unit that so far (knock on wood) has posed no issues and has been attached to the same solar panel through all sorts of weather and temperatures for a couple of weeks.  Just wanted to offer this information in case someone sees a problem similar to mine.  

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