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Arlo Pro video issues - Black Screen

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MB80 Initiate

Last night one of my 3 cameras alerted me of motion. When I opened the app to see what triggered it the recording was a black screen. I then tried to view with live view with the same result on all 3 cameras. I reset the base but that didn't change anything. It eventually worked itself out within 30 minutes. Kind of discouraged thinking this could have been a time when I needed the cameras to function properly since we've had vehicle break ins recently in our neighborhood. Any thoughts on what causes that issue?

Master steve_t Master

I think there may have been a server problem for around 30 minutes. Having had the cameras for a long time, this isn't a common or regular problem. Make sure you have a USB drive attached to the base so you still get recordings if the internet is down. Also a UPS will mean the base still has power

MB80 Initiate
Thanks for that info. I wasn't aware about that capability with the external USB. I do currently have it on a UPS.
Guru jguerdat Guru

Make sure your router and modem are on that UPS, too, so the Internet connection remains up.