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Arlo Pro video Lines, Have Gigabit connection. All units are plugged in and have power.

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Why the hell do my "security" cameras have lines in the frame?! Before anyone suggests wifi, we have a gigabit connection and Google wifi, 850mbps anywhere on our property after attenuation. All units are plugged in and have power. Everything is on latest firmware.


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You do realize that Arlo uses its own dedicated WiFi for communication between the base and cameras, right? It only needs Internet access to upload to the servers and other system manipulation. The video corruption is likely due to signal strength/quality to the cameras. Changes in the home wireless environment, even those you just know can't be it, can be the cause. A good thing to try first, especially if it happens to all cameras, is to move the base away from the router. I did that a while ago after years of having my bases and hubs next to my router. After the repositioning, my issues went away.