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Arlo Pro offline. Had to reset Base Station but getting orange flashing light. Battery has issues.

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I have arlo pro camera's, yesterday all my cameras went offline at the same time.  I have to reset my base station and then tried to sync camera's but I keep getting Orange flashing lights, even though app was showed battery is at 56% level. I charged the battey,  when  I started the charging, battery is at 1%,( strange earlier it showed 56%), after fully charging  them synced them to base station. they started working.


Generally, when the battery level is low,  received alerts through App, this time I didn't receive any alert for any camera, but they all went down at the same time( What are the odds that all the batteries drained to 1% at the same time). Today I opened the app to see live cam, suddenly a banner pager appeared for' 3 months free trial' and it disappeared.


I don't subscribe to premium software. I am guessing Arlo is tinkering with cameras firmware which caused the batteries to drain (just guess), if not why they all went offline at the same time? Did anyone had similar experience?

Model: VMB3500 | Arlo Base Station
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No, Arlo isn't tinkering with the soft/firmware. You probably have dead batteries. Have you tried recharging them? If totally dead, read the FAQ here on how to revive them (plug it in 6x to get enough charge to allow full recharging). 


FWIW, I never let the batteries get that low. While I get the low battery notifications and somehow you didn't, I also periodically check the level in the app/web to ensure I know when to charge them. I may charge at 15% or even higher. Being proactive on this helps prevent such issues.