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Arlo Pro (not Pro 2) activity zones

Hi all,


I haven't posted here in quite some time. I have 4 Arlo Pro's (not Pro 2) set up around the house.


Recently I noticed on the Arlo app there was an "exclamation point" icon against each device and when I tapped it, it encouraged me to set up Activity Zones for each camera. I thought this was only available to the newer camera versions, so this was news to me. Anyway I set up the zones and watched and waited.


I haven't tested it extensively, but it appears that the zones don't work very well. Two things:


1. I still seemed to get notifications for activity outside the zones

2. I now get TWO notifications for each event. If there's one clip in the library, I now get 2 notifications for it. Was 1 to 1 prior to me fiddling with activity zones.


So any other Arlo Pro owners out there used activity zones successfully?

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Arlo Pro (not Pro 2) activity zones

You have to subscribe to Arlo SMart for these zones to work.

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Re: Arlo Pro (not Pro 2) activity zones

Thanks for that info. I've removed the activity zones to put it back to how it was.

Interestingly there's no information whatsoever in the whole process between the warning icon and setting up the zones that it requires a premium subscription. That's why I ended up here! You'd expect if that warning icon was simply to fish for customers to sign up, at least point customers to where the money needs to be thrown at.

Epic marketing fail
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