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I bought the Arlo Pro 2 camera system a week and a half ago.  One camera has worked perfectly and the other keeps going "offline" once per day, usually during the overnight hours. Battery also drains very fast in this same camera.  Both cameras have full wifi signal strength and are only about 75' - 100' from base station.  I contacted Arlo and have a case number.  Did the trouble shooting by swapping the batteries (taking the battery from the camera that works fine and putting it in the camera that keeps dropping offline and visa versa), and the same camera drops offline and that battery was draining quickly too.  I communicate to Arlo/Netgear that the same exact problem is happening when swapping the batteries.  What do they do?  Four days later I get a replacement battery from them, and guess what, it too is doing the same thing.  I contacted Arlo and told them I expected a REPLACMENT CAMERA AND BATTERY to try and get this issue resolved once and for all.  I'm not paying this kind of money for something that does not work as advertised.  Extremely frustrating.  Why send another battery when that's clearly not the issue from doing the troubleshooting testing? Why even trouble shoot?   Let's see if they make it right. 


That's exactly what I had done. But the third time I decided to change the settings to only record the video back to 20 seconds. I had only changed them the day before to the full 120 seconds but that is what I felt was draining the battery. I did have the system set to alarm when it detected my cat. That is the only thing that is setting it off. I do feel that I should be able to record for 120 seconds without it draining the batteries.

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I agree. I've recorded for 2 minutes without a huge drain on the batteries. If it's on multiple cameras, that would seem to point to a base issue or the wifi connection. Something near the base could be interfering with the connection so be sure to eliminate possibilities. It might be worth moving the base on a longer cable to see if that helps.