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Arlo Pro for Oregon recreational marijuana surveillance

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Oregon recreational marijuana requirements for surveillance requirements are listed below.  I'm particularly concerned about item 2:


  1. A Licensed premises must have a fully operational video surveillance recording system
    1. Minimum set up requirements for Video Systems
  2. Be equipped with a failure notification system that provides, within one hour, notification to the licensee or an authorized representative of any prolonged surveillance interruption or failure;
  3. Have sufficient battery backup to support a minimum of one hour of recording time in the event of a power outage.
  4. A licensee’s video surveillance system must be capable of recording all pre-determined surveillance areas in any lighting conditions.
  5. All video surveillance equipment and recordings must be stored in a locked secure area that is accessible only to the licensee, licensee representatives, or authorized personnel, and the Commission.
  6. In limited access areas* (see ** below),  all cameras shall have minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 px and record at 10 fps (frames per second).
  7. In exterior perimeter and non-limited access areas cameras shall have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 px and record at least 5 fps, except where coverage overlaps any limited access areas such as entrances or exits and in those overlap areas cameras must record at 10 fps

Does the Arlo Pro provide notification in the event of a camera outage or failure?  It seems like this is a market that will do nothing but grow 🙂


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There's an industrial configuration for Arlo but I don't know if the equipment and/or software is different.  In any event, assuming Arlo is Arlo regardless of configuration, I would think that this system would, at best, be a backup system for another primary one.  For this usage, I would be looking elsewhere.

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I do know that a few users on the site have recently received notice that the BASE was down ( via email ) , not sure if it's full released feature or in testing purposes right now.


As to the cameras, the only notice ( tho it is a notice ) I've seen is when you sign in if a camera is down the app/web browser will say so.

Morse is faster than texting!

You don't want to use any wireless solution for mission critical survailance like this. Especially one that is battery operated.

Get a POE vandal proof solution.