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Re: Arlo Pro camera (VMC4030) does not start

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I have been trying to contact support but it seems I just go in a loop on the website. I also cannot register my products since I get an unvalid serial number for all of them. I have a package with the Arlo Pro basestation and two cameras. One of them does not start up anymore. If I press the sync button while charging I get an orange led blink but that's all. Swapping the battery with the working camera makes no difference. Since I'm unable to get in contact with support I'm posting here instead..


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If you will click on the green banner at the bottom of this page that says Contact Support, you will be taken to another page listing all the FAQs, etc. At the bottom of the second page is a similar green banner. Click on that banner also and you will be taken to a third page. Scroll down until you see a dropdown box listing all the support phone numbers for the various countries is active in.

Arlo is no longer part of Netgear so you do not need to register your products. They are automatically registered with Arlo when you first set up your system or add new devices.

You may have a defective camera, but first, briefly press on the sync button on your base. Within 2 minutes briefly press on the sync button on your camera and if the camera is working, it should sync. Do not hold down either sync button for 2 seconds as that feature has changed although there is still documentation out there that instructs you to hold down the button for 2 seconds.

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