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Arlo Pro base will not Auto overwrite files on USB drive

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jeremy1216 Aspirant

I have the same issue that the auto overwriting of the USB storage is not working at all. Once it reaches the 5 MB threshold, the usb drive is disabled. I tried toggle the overwrite setting and revive it for a bit but it only last for a while. Other posts suggest for the latest firmware which I have already done (

I have to format the USB drive all the time to enable the recording to the usb drive.

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
unhappyarlouser Tutor
Arlo support suggested that I use a different USB memory storage device. I've done that and am in the process of waiting for it to fill up to report whether overwrite occurs or disable again.

It seems that Arlo is more interested in workarounds rather than actually fixing the technology problem!
unhappyarlouser Tutor
I just checked my Arlo base station and verified that it has failed the same way (Disabled, rather than overwrite) with a replacement USB memory device.

Confirmed, it is an Arlo bug.