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Arlo Pro arm siren when opening door to leave without triggering siren from door sensor

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I want family members without smart phones to be able to arm the Arlo siren when they leave the house but not have it triggered when they open the door that has a smartthings door sensor.


I was thinking maybe a solution would be to open the door first and then arm the base station and then close the door but I guess that still counts as detected motion.


I wonder if there is a timer for the arming? Like lets say 30 seconds so you can arm it and then leave before the timer is up.


Yes I know when they come home itll start blasting. Bit short sighted on my part but I'm trying to see if maybe they would be ok with that since the base statin is within short reach once inside (when you know where to look) so they can disarm it pretty quickly.


I wonder if maybe there is third party or netgear device (presumable cheap) you can place outside the home that works just as a passcode type device that once you enter the passcode it will disarm the arlo. Kind of like a traditional alarm system. 


All else fails I can just have them get a smartphone but I wan't to think about that as a last resort.

Any solutions? Thanks for the help.

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I have no experience on this but it's not possible with just Arlo equipment. Sounds like you need to investigate IFTTT, Stringify, etc. which may be able to do what you want.

I’ve tried a little googling and came up empty seems that other people haven’t really tried to figure this out or needed it, at least Google says so

I tried searching Google to see if Arlo has a timer for the siren but came up empty on that as well