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Arlo Pro Schedule Mode App Not Changing

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ChinJing Luminary

hello i have had alot of trouble with the arlo pro base station not changing modes in the schedule. i recently replaced my base station and last night i did an ios 12 update with the iphone 6s plus. now the base station on the app is stuck in one mode of my schedule that is used at night. it wont change modes based on the schedule automatically. i have tried everything like unplugging the base station signing in and out and deleting and redownloading the app. when i sign in on the computer on the web it says the correct mode in the schedule but i am afraid its the app that is actually controlling the base station and not the web. anyway why are they different. why are there so many problems with the schdule and the mode not changing? 

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pc2k17 Hero

The web and app both control the base, but the web seems to work much better for some functions. Whatever it says for your mode on the web will be the correct one it's in.


For why the app shows it wrong.......... what firmware version do you have on the base? I had a similiar issue when I was testing old firmware with the newer app.

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