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Arlo Pro/Pro2 Connection after power outage

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So I have an older Arlo pro system with 2 pro cameras and 2 pro 2 cameras. I travel weekly for work, and this is becoming a problem for me. When power goes out due to storms (DFW Area, it’s common) they system disconnects and wont reconnect automatically, so now I’m stuck with no way to monitor and no alerts until I get back home, and reset the system.


The other issue I seem to be having is one camera (front door) does not seem to be alerting me anymore, and I’ve tried multiple times to remove it and re-add it, with no change. Garage cam works fine though. 


Is there any workaround that has been found for this power outage issue? Seems like it’s been brought up before and couldn’t find any good answers from the few threads I did read. This really makes the whole thing useless to me, might as well not have any cameras at this point. 


If there is no work around, what other systems are out there that wont give me this problem? 

Some things to try,

On your router set the Base station MAC address to a fixed IP address. Additionally fix the local wifi channel to a quiet channel so the base wifi will match it.

If the above does not resolve it then purchase and install a smart plug on the base station power to remotely power cycle the base if it goes offline.

If you’re mains power is often unable then purchase and install a UPS on the modem, router and base station to keep it up for the duration of the outage.