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Re: Arlo Pro Charger not working. And Arlo Chat not working?

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Steve_F Follower

I have 2 arlo Pro wireless cameras and a base station.  I have one charger that I move back and forth between the two cameras to charge them.  Recently the charger stopped working on either camera and now both batteries are completely dead.    


Is there a known problem with these chargers?  I understand that a regular charge will not work with these cameras, si Im curious as to why it would go bad after only a year or so of infrequent use?


And on an unrelated question, is the Arlo Chat feature working?  It prompts me for all my info and after about 30 seconds of trying to find support personnel, the message changes from "We are available to help you" to "Chat support is not available".

Guru TomMac Guru

No major issues with the power supplies ( TMK )...

if you have a qualcom type charger like for the Galaxy S7 it may work for temp.


If less than a yr, go thru Arlo support for a replacement



Keep in mind tho , if the battery was totally depleted, you have to plug in the adapter , get the fault warning, unplug and then re-plug a number of time before it will start to charge correctly ( arlo info says up to 6x )

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