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Arlo Pro Camera Keeps saying Your camera needs to warm up before you can use it

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SAMoore Follower

I just bought an Arlo Pro set with two cameras.  I installed them at the front and back doors.  The front door which is closest to the base station keeps saying Your camera needs to warm up before you can use it.  Even on the warmer days.  The other camera is fine.  I bring it in and wait a day and put it back out it lasts one or two activations then says Your camera needs to warm up before you can use it again.  My son has an older Arlo set up with a pro and a battery camera and lives two hours north in colder weather and doesnt' have this issue.  What can I do to fix my new camera?

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

The Pro cameras use a li-ion battery and are set to disable themselves if too cold (-4F/-20C). I don't know the chemistry and/or physics for this design decision but that's what happens. When it warms sufficiently (don't know how much hysteresis is built into the camera) it will reactivate itself. The original Arlo cameras use different batteries and will continue working at lower temps.


If the camera is turning off at significantly different temps and not turning back on until much warmer, you may have a bad camera. Open a case with support: