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Arlo Pro Battery Went Dead in Hot Weather

We just had a super, hot spell in SoCal and it killed my Arlo Pro battery in one day.  It had been at 80%. I suspect the temp may have reached 120 deg F in the sun. .


Has anyone had similar experiences with batteries draining, dying in hot temperaturers ??  What to do ?

Can't control the weather.




Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Arlo Pro Battery Went Dead in Hot Weather

I dont think its the weather. Im in fla and it gets hot here too 95-100. Im not having issues but many people are still experiencing rapid battery drain even after the firmware update. The problem is nobody from Arlo responds to help there customers and support is totally useless
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Re: Arlo Pro Battery Went Dead in Hot Weather

Yes, I seem to be noticing unusual battery drain too.  I wonder, like you, if the hot weather is affecting battery life?  I've had my Arlo Pro for two summers now.   I don't believe this issue happened last summer.  I live here in lower Michigan, and we've had some very hot 90 degree days lately, nothing really out of the ordinary.  The last re-charge lasted only about 4 weeks (batteries were at aprox. 20 percent), which is very unusual for me, because I adjust the settings to save on battery life.  What's really stranged is this last winter I charged the batteries in January, and when I decided to re-charge in late April, the batteries still had aproximately 50 percent in all five cameras.  And there were some really cold days here last winter.   I thought maybe it's time to replace the batteries, but at $50 per battery, I want to get as much life as possible from the ones I already have.  I wish I had a straight answer, but I'm just as perplexed as you.  It's a PITA to get the ladder, re-charge, make camera adjustments, etc. so frequently!

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Arlo Pro Battery Went Dead in Hot Weather

I know temp changes can affect lithium batteries but i dont think thats whats going on here. Im also experiencing other issues not related to the battery. The running man icon that lights up orange does weird things too. Sometimes he lights up for no reason. No recording no alert he just comes on for minutes at a time then goes off. Also my notifications are not 100% . i have smart that only alerts me to people. Several times ive walked up to my door and it not alert me but will record. Also on occasion it will record double videos in the library. Same video twice. So who knows. It must all be related to the botched firmware issues. I cant see how 100 degrees and 80 degrees would cause battery to go up and down by 5% or more. Now winter is a different story when its cold overnight (40 is cold for fla) then it heats up to 80 during the day i do notice that it drops because of cold then comes back up when its warmer. The only thing i know for sure is you can count on some kind of issue with these cameras. Ive even had my subscription erased by there update. And you call support and they claim ive never had a subscription even though my credit card ststement proves i did. Its comical. Support has to be the worst on this planet
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