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Arlo Pro Base Station & Internet LED Goes Offline Sometimes

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muntain80 Aspirant

Hi all, I have an Arlo Pro system with 4 camera + an ArloQ. It has worked without problem for 2 years, but since 2 month sometimes arlo base station goes offline with internet led off and the only solution is to switch off and on the base station. Internet connection is always ok because when internet led of base station is off I can view ArloQ, that is wifi, without problem, and all other devices can connect. I don't know when it happens it seams randomly, sometimes once a day other once a week. I see some similar posts without solution, do you know if there's a walk around? perhaps making a reset to default?

I already try to change ethernet cable, and ethernet port on router

here some information about base station 

Version hardware VMB3010r2
serial number 48E2547MA0209
Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
Guru TomMac Guru

I would always try the easiest things first....

1) change out the ethernet cable

2) change the port

3) power button reset the router and base unit

4) try a slightly different location for the base in case of interference


If all above NG, then you MAY have to try the hard way...

1) remove all the cameras and do a factory reset ( hold reset for 10 secs till leds flash ) and reclaim the base and then add back the cameras


Hopefully this may solve the issue, but then again, the base/power supply may just have a defect ( heat related ?) that causes it to drop now and then...

In this case contact Netgear support for possible warranty issue

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muntain80 Aspirant

Thanks for reply, unfortunatelly I already tried the point suggested: it remains only the reset way. What I don't understand is that if it's an issue (releated for example to the temperature) why it disabled only the internet connection, the rest of base station seams to be running, I can test just with a PING and with the other 2 led status. I think I'll try with reset and than I'll contact netgear support  

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station