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Arlo Pro Alarm Very Low Volume - Vmb4000 Base Station.

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Rags13 Aspirant

Any Updates Yet? Mine is the same. Very low volume when activated from my Samsung phone but super loud from my PC browser. 

Tobypatch Tutor
No update that I've heard of. I'm still having issues with mine to. Mine will alarm sometimes if I activate it twice and then when I hear a very low alarm at the base if I push in on the Internet connection cable into the base it will alarm louder. Plan on exchanging mine and seeing if the new one does the same thing. I never had any issues with the older alarm before this update.
Arb552 Tutor
Hello, yes arlo support sent an email to me, asking for all my info from: router, pc, phone, & 2 tablets.
Wanted brand names, model nos, ver nos. Speedtest, & Arlo ver nos.
And my phone no and time to call.
So when they call I will post results.
So u know I have an Ipad & HP Comp that work great with very loud alarm on both manual test and motion in front of armed camera. The PC does have prob with bar(top of screen) with hidden button to turn alarm on, but it is very loud.
Both my androids (note 5 phone & tab S3 tablet (Samsung's) have very low alarm if you use the red button to manually turn on alarm. But if you arm the cameras and walk(motion) in front of cameras, they are very loud on both!
But with all 4, when armed the alarm is very loud with motion on cameras.
I also told them the manual has to work, and be very loud, to use in an emergency.
And I told them that some in forum coudn't get the alarm to sound at all.
And I vented that I believe the pull down should be brought back!
supertaperking Guide
That's good news. These people should be working on an update already though. I mean all these people complaining, it an obvious problem..
JoeCymru Virtuoso

After having my Arlo system for a little over year, I have yet to see an app update that did not break something else for some or many. Arlo needs to take this one quite seriously since it deals with a remote feature that is integral for the whole purpose of any augmented security that Arlo is designed to provide.

Let me throw in some ideas about this failure:

  1. No where is the decibel level of the siren adjustable for the user. Not the app, not the web UI. It could be concluded that the siren was never designed to operate at anything but full volume.
  2. Why would there be any controllable circuitry or code anywhere in the entire Arlo configuration that would reduce the decibel level of the siren?
  3. One could imagine that this is a test level used in the manufacture of the base station. A lower voltage applied to the speaker so that it can be confirmed the siren is hooked up and works on command but does not drive factory people nuts.
  4. Arlo's last app change messed around with the siren command.
  5. Somehow, when "enhancing and debugging" the Android app, they wrote something in that through the combination of the Android OS, the app, and the base, the base is interpreting this command as a test command. 

If the above is at least partialy accurate, the bug should be simple to locate and repair ... especially since this is due to an update and a little regression testing would have gone a long way.

Arb552 Tutor
There is one spot to adjust the volume of alarm.
Open app
Go to mode
Select the pencil by armed.
I have 2 cameras inside that have alarm & outside cameras with no alarm, just notifications, under ARMED.
Select pencil next to camera that has alarm turned on or set up a camera to have alarm on
Under do the following, you will see camera, & lower down, your arlo base station name.
Turn on alarm under base station, go to pencil on that line, you will see alarm duration (1-5mins) & next line is alarm loudness (loud, very loud, extremely loud) 3 settings.

Never tested that to see if it changes the volume of test button. It shouldn't.

I believe when you hit alarm test button, it should be full volume, so you know that it works, with full volume.
I go along with your last line.
They should do more testing before putting an app update out!
Make sure it works.
We are using this for security!!!
It's not a toy!
I've had the app only 13 months and this is THE 3RD TIME THEY MOVED THE ALARM BUTTON ON THE SCREEN!
First it was on bottom of screen, someone complained too easy to accidentally touch. I'll go along with that.
Then it was a pull down. I thought that worked great. If alarm was triggered it would drop down so you could shut it off.
Now you have to hit red button in upper corner, then push a slide across the bottom of screen. Mine doesn't work all the time, I have to use slide 2-3 times to start alarm.
I want the pull down back!

Tobypatch Tutor
My alarms are not working at all now. Please put the pull down alarm back arlo!
JoeCymru Virtuoso

Thanks. It has been so long since I set up my modes, I had totally ignored the siren settings figuring that it was set to make ears bleed and that was all I needed.

Tobypatch Tutor
Are your alarms working? I've tried everything I can think of and nothing!
Arb552 Tutor
Yes my alarms work when there is motion in front of camera when it is armed. My test mode is not working.
If your problem is that bad you should call arlo and discuss it. Maybe they can get you working. At least get a ticket started to fix problem.
Arlo support, 1 408 638 3750
Tobypatch Tutor
Great advice and thank you ! My system is only a few months old so I will return it and see if a new system has the same issue. I have done everything posible to fix it and nothing works. Very disappointed in what was a great system before the last update.
splassoc Aspirant
There is a big difference in alarm volume from my wife's iPhone to my Samsung S8. When I trigger the alarm it's maybe 20 decibels, it's a full 100 when my wife triggers it from her iPhone. I need a fix.
Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

It seems to be an app problem. I believe it's being worked on.

Arb552 Tutor
Okay yes they are working on it.
Arlo tech just called me on ticket that has been going for a wk or more. Arlo Support Case # 40664574.
They had me look at the arlo version no and phone model & version nos.
Then restart Arlo base unit.
Then they had me make cks on phone (android) and then had me test it.
Manually test, hit shield in upper right corner, then hit activate siren. Then Push slide bar to the right to activate siren.
The volume was very LOW, in armed selection.
Then walk in front of camera armed and it was very loud!
Then had me manually test again and when I slide the button to the right it DIDN'T activate the siren. The siren button stayed on the right and no sound.
Then he put me on hold for 5 mins and came back and told me they did the same test in lab and it FAILED!
He said they had work to do and they would be updating the version on arlo.
He said they would contact me then to test.
Then I will post what happens.
You all can watch for new version on your base units and test.
Tobypatch Tutor

Thank you for your info and will be watching for the update.

Cuasimalvento Aspirant

Due to false positives, I want to configure my Arlo system Pro2 to not play siren automatically. I want to trigger it mannually from arlo app (android version).

The app has a slider that let me activate it by hand. But the problem is it plays at minimum sound level and I cannot configure it louder.

Is there a way to configure this?

Thank you!


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Guru jguerdat Guru

It appears to be an Android app problem. Use of a browser produces full volume. It's been reported but more open cases on this adds leverage:

Cuasimalvento Aspirant

Thank you!
I will do

Johnnyli Aspirant

Same here.... I think there’s s definitely and issue with the volume control setting inside the device....


If I use my samsung s8+ to set siren on,I Can BARELY hear the SIREN...


Let s Amy i use IOS deivices to activate alarm, it VERY LOUD......



MMM5 Aspirant
Hi I have same problem with it being low it used to be war piercing loud,so last night I did the rule as suggested in mode setting.
It's 4.30am and I just got woken by the alarm ..I turned it off and it's come back on another 2times I've had to switch alarm in edit mode off.. so random
Solent Aspirant

I have exactly the same problem.  My mobile is a Huawei pro 20 and everything was fine until the most recent software update.  Surely this should be a quick fix - I intend to return the unit as manual activation of the alarm is the very reason I bought the siren base unit.  Extremely poor service.

Tobypatch Tutor
I have to admit all along I had assumed the alarm was also on each camera which it's not. It's only on the base. I really wish that arlo would put an alarm on each camera to scare away people and wild animals. That being said I am still having the same issues with either no alarm or somtimes an alarm and this started for me also after the last couple of updates. I have been reviewing other cameras and I will try another system in the future but for me I still love arlo the best so I will sacrifice the siren and hope they Iron out all the issues they are having.
trebor711 Apprentice
I just wanted to add a new twist so to speak.

Over the weekend, my Samsung Galaxy S9 was updated to the new Android 9 OS......Pie. With this new software update, the Android Arlo App is still not functioning properly when it comes to sounding the alarm manually. It still is a low volume when sounding the alarm manually.
Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
Tobypatch Tutor
I don't think this will get fixed till arlo gets a lot of issues sorted out. I have a s5 my daughter has a iphone 8 and we have tablets, I pads,laptops etc and all are doing the same thing. No volume or low volume on the base siren. Arlo released arlo ultra then recalled it around the same time all this happened with so many people's sirens failing. I'm willing to wait and keep my fingers crossed because arlo has an amazing security system and should have focused on improving what they already had before launching the ultra but that's just my opinion.
Coni68 Tutor

Does anyone from Arlo read this forum? As I see many defect reports concerning this issue have been submited.

Possibility of manually turning on siren on max volume when one gets notification and see suspected event is a funademanal security feature!!!

It worked well in the past and now since the new version was released it doesn't on Android App. Man Sad

Any comment from Arlo repesentative on this?