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Arlo In Extreme Cold

Expecting record cold temps the next few days. -20's Farenheit with -40 F to -60 F wind chills. I know the cameras won't work but I'm debating between just turning them off or bringing them in. Will the extreme cold cause any physical damage to the device? Should I haul the ladder out to get them down? 

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Arlo in extreme cold

Other threads on this available with a search. No, the cameras won't be hamed - they simply disable themselves. Wind chill has nothing to do with it since that's a measure of how fast the human body loses heat, not how low the ambient temperature gets.


The cameras will resume when warming above -4F/-20C.

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Re: Arlo in extreme cold

Thank you.  Yes I did search and saw the posts up to -4. But 20 degrees colder than that is a big difference so I wasn't sure and thought I'd ask. Thank you again.

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Re: Arlo in extreme cold

Will the batteries resume charging when the temperatures come back up? I have mine plugged in outside and I’m getting a “not charging” icon in the battery status.
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Re: Arlo in extreme cold

Li-ion batteries shouldn't be charged when they're colder than freezing so there's circuitry to prevent that. You may need to bring the batteries indoors to warm them up so you can charge them. When the outdoor temps rise above freezing, charging will resume normally. Note that the camera is running off the AC power you've connected so there's no discharge on the battery anyways. The message is just a notification as a "just-in-caser".

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