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Add to geofencing

Add armed timing to geofencing when home.
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Re: Add to geofencing

What do you mean when you say "Armed Timing"?



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Re: Add to geofencing

Geofencing has a spot to declare its status when the user is home. I assume you expect that to be "armed or disarmed" I am suggesting that "timed " interval be allowed..
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Re: Add to geofencing

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Re: Add to geofencing

I received the link below, but if I go there I don't see anything relevant.

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Re: Add to geofencing

The idea exchange (link that was provided) is where you can post new ideas that you'd like to see implemented in the Arlo system. You can then get people to upvote your idea and maybe Arlo uses your idea in a future update.


I don't use geofencing, but if you can choose to use "Schedule" mode inplace of armed of disarmed in the geofencing mode, set up a schedule and use that. If you can't, custom modes are always an option to use in conjunction with geofencing. Otherwise post your idea.

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