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ARLO Pro App – Add Phone Alerts in Mode section by Camera

  1. Mode
  2. My Devise -select your devise
  3. Select Armed by tapping the pen on the right
  4. In Rules, select camera to update by tapping the pen on the right
  5. Scroll down to Alert
    1 You can select Push Notification
    5.2 You can select Email Alerts and tap the pen on the right to
    Add or Change your Email Address
          Phone Alerts
    and tap the pen on the right of Phone Alert to
          Add or Change your contact Phone Number


I like my Arlo Pro 3 camera system a lot but without Phone Alerts to quickly react to a possible security issue is a major gap in the software. This function should be built into the ARLO app not as a IFTTT fix that may or may not work.


Until “Phone Alerts” is an option within the Mode section of ARLO Software, I can’t recommend this product to any of my many relatives and friends.


Thank you in advance for incorporating my request, I’m sure this will please many Arlo owners.


Bob Turcotte

Guru Guru

It's already possible and is enabled by default. In your modes, each camera rule has a selection for whether push and/or email notifications are to be used. If you're not getting the push notifications, check the phone settings for the Arlo app to ensure they're allowed.

To Guru, I’m getting Push and Email notifications now but if you read what I was asking for was a phone call to my IPhone also. If I’m sleeping at night or driving or not spending all my time looking at email or push notifications, I want to get a phone call to tell me what camera sensed motion so I can possibly make a call to the police or fire department. Arlo is a Security system, so why not make sure that it gets your attention.. Just saying!
Guru Guru

 Sorry. You stated "phone alerts" as opposed to calls. My misreading of the intention.


Arlo really is not a security SYSTEM. They are surveillance cameras with certain notifications. You may be able to use IFTTT, SmartThings, etc. to do this for you or possibly use the email alerts to somehow produce a phone call.


The subject title is "Add Phone Call Alerts in Mode Section by Camera"


The three Titles under Camera Alert:

    1. Push Notification      <--- current

    2. Email Alerts              <--- current

    3. Phone Alerts            <---- new request, call my phone - title can be Phone Alert or Phone Call


Your comment that "Arlo really is not a security SYSTEM" is what I thought I was buying.

It states on the Arlo Pro 3 camera box that:

    1. "ARLO PRO Wire-Free HD Security Cameras"

    2. "Everything you need to start building your smart home security system"

 I guess you can't believe everything you read on the Arlo packaging?!


I tried using IFTTT SmartThings and it never worked

   1. Installed IFTTT aplet "Arlo Detect Motion, Call my Phone" - Pressd "Check Now" - Got msg "Checked" 

   2. System Armed - went outside in front of camera - got Push & Mail Msg. - but no phone call 

   3. Went back in to AFTTT aplet - pressed "Check Now" - Got msg "Aplet check failed"

A. Sent Email to IFTTT support - got msg they are under staffed - if aplet from Arlo has blue check mark it was provided     by Arlo and check with them.

B. Called Arlo support - and could not get a solution on how to check or run the Aplet. 

C. Difficult to deal with two vendors to get an answer when they both point at each other when a problem comes up.


When the system is armed, am I the only one out there that would like to get a phone call message that would state by camera and time when motion or sound was detected? In an emergency a phone call gets your attention 24/7 so that you can call 911 if needed..

Today I retested the Arlo / IFTTT applet "If Arlo detects motion, call my phone" and within seconds, I received a phone call: "Motion was detected on your [device name] at [detection time]".

Thank you Netgear for fixing this issue. I'ts a wonderful thing being able to be notified via a phone call 24/7!


Also for those of you who would like to receive text notifications from your Arlo system, this link will help you enabling text message alerts on your mobile phone.


I tried my best to setup MD calling my phone on IFTTT but never succeeded.  All I care is to get some sort of warning when the cameras detect motion.  So I kept only the notifications alerts enabled and changed the ring sound to a longer tune by editing some audio to catch my ear.  If someone interested I have attached the audio file here.

Let me know what you’ll think.