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ARLO suddenly disconnected from internet. Shows 3 green lights on Base station. Tried rebooting.

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My Arlo suddenly disconnected from the internet for no reason.

I went through all the steps and even though I have 3 solid green lights on my base station (occ center www will blink), my router/hub indicates an amber (no connection light)

I have even rebooted my entire modem hub and all other devices show solid blue (connection) but my Arlo port still shows green.

Currently when I log into my Arlo account it shows ‘no devices’. Not sure this could have happened since I did nothing to instigate it.

ALSO: Any idea what’s up with Arlo Support? 

Their ‘live chat’ is off line and I’ve submitted a request for help:  Typed out a complete explanation and never got an affirmation that it’s been received.  It instead went back to the blank ‘Submit A Request’ form.

This is not good.        Thanks all.  --Thomas


Guru Guru

A few things:


- If the LEDs on the base are all green, the system is likely working fine. Try a different phone and the web client to verify operation.


- The router will show an amber LED for the base connection since the base uses a 100Mbps connection and the LED is confirming that speed. It does not mean the base isn't connected - it's normal operation for any router with 1Gbps ports.