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ARLO PRO BASE STATION - offline 4R026A7VA117B troubleshooting

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2 weeks ago I updated my regular Arlo System for the Arlo Pro.  Why?  I loved the regular one and this one offered an ability to listen as well as see what is going on.  I have a second home that I am trying to keep tabs on.


Needless to say this home is a bit of a drive from my currrent location.  Have never had issues with the old arlo base.  Could log in on my phone or computer anywhere and see what was going on.  Have kept up with all the batteries in the cameras and in fact, made sure all was good before I left.


2nd day gone from the Arlo Base location, I log in from work and base station is offline.  On my phone ap  is a neat button that says reboot but guess what - that button does not work.  It is apparently offline too.


I had my neighbors go and unlock my home, they are a lot older than me and I hated to bother them, and over the phone I talked them through turning off everything my router and the arlo and turning them both back on.  Worked perfect for 3 days.  Logged in today and they are offline again.  I will be back at the arlo base location tomorrow night - any ideas??  


#1 I made sure everything the base system and my ap had updates before I left

#2 Never had a problem with the regular Arlo for the 6 months I used it 

#3 The base station is about 10-12 feet from router and on the floor where the router is on a desk.  Should not be any problems with the location and it is in the same location as the original.

#4 All cameras were opened and new batteries installed before I left


I seriously can't ask my neighbors every 3 days to go over and turn everything off and on.  


Thank you all.  Love this system but perhaps I need to plug the old one back in and return this new one.  I paid over $500 and I am not a happy camper.  

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Sorry to hear your having probelms... and it should work out of the box, but sometimes things happen.... sounds like you did all the right way.

Always good to setup and run for a few days prior to remote install.


As to real reason why the problem... can't say.  Unless you are having some sort of cable problems in area.


Here's what I would recommend till you fiq it out.


I would take the older Arlo base over to the second home and set it up with the Pro cameras...( regular base is fully compatable with PROs, tho you loose the local record and siren ). This way you know the older base is stable and the cameras have a quicker response for events and you can still listen.


Bring the base home and set it up to determine if it is the base causing the problem of dropping out.


Then if the PRO base still drops out at your primary home , you can deal with it and make a decision as to you next step.



Morse is faster than texting!

Cant set up anything in home 1(where it is not located)  because we are in a remote location and have no internet or cable.  


I did not remote start it from locatioin 1 I fully set it up while I was at home 2.


I guess I will check with router and arlo issues perhaps there is a problem with them communicating together?  




Also on the ap why do they give you the option to restart the device if it doesn't actually work?

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It does work but obviously there has to be communication with the base for it to do so.  I've learned over time to log out and back in when having problems with offline cameras and bases.  Doesn't fix everything but does so often enough to be useful.  Also, try a browser.