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2 Questions: Brightness & White Washed Faces

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This is a 2 part question:

1. Adjusting the brightness on the web site only adjusts from -2, -1, 0,  1, and 2.  But the app shows the adjustment by %.  I would love to put my brightness at say 65% but it does not save the change at that percentage.  If I set the percentage at 50% or 75% it saves.  Is the only way to set the brightness on the app at intervals of 25 or can other people set their brightness at a random percentage?


2. I am having a problem with the night vision white washing peoples faces when up close to the camera and as I understand it, it has to do with the IR reflection. This is in the middle of the night, so I cant leave flood lights on and there is no motion detection lights.  Is there anyway to get around this, i.e. changing the positioning of the camera or brightness?  It's on all 3 of my cameras, the cameras are all positioned above outside doors looking down on the people walking up.  I have to tried the suggestions to reset/take the battery out.


Thanks for any help!

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1) The brightness adjustment has only a few steps, as you've noticed. There's no precise changes possible.


2) The glare from the IR illuminators can't be fixed other than by placing the camera away from faces and/or positioning the camera and setting the motion detection sensitivity to pick the people up further away so the exposure is proper. It's like using a camera flash too close to the subject - there's limited ability to compensate for that. Motion detection external lighting may be a solution to replace your existing lights.