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Will the remote access to SD card recordings via app be available for Arlo Pro 3 ?

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ehechter Aspirant

I actually returned my Ultras a couple of weeks ago, I was really looking forward to local access from phone. I'm still subscribed to community notifications in hopes there's a major change, it doesn't sound like anyone is happy with it.

JeremyCADUDE Aspirant

Were you able to try it before you returned them? What did you think / what you off? I have terrible cheap china made amazon cameras and I really need to upgrade. I've been waiting and waiting for this feature of not uploading online but I never realized it would come with heavily decreased functionality.


kaminsr Aspirant

do not buy yet unless you are ok with $4-10 monthly fee.  they are not ready.  we are the beta testers.  and the night vision is awful

Mavrrick Luminary
If you want 7 days free cloud recording for up to 5 cameras get arloQ or the Pro 2 cameras. If you dont mind setting up a VPN to your router or using Port forwarding then you can get up to 2TB of local storage you can access from anywhere with up to 15 cameras attached to one base. You loose rich notifications and e911 when you dont have a smart plan.

The folks complaining about port forwarding dont have a good understanding of networking and why that is better then Arlo or any company opening up a always on hole to get to your home network through there servers.
Redpower187 Apprentice
@JamesC you mention that Arlo are looking at ways to produce thumbnails, do you have any update on this?
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JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



The development team is exploring options for this but I do not have any new information at this time.



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