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USB storage not over-writing

Hi, I added a 128gb usb storage, formatted it and everything. It was storing video just fine. I also enabled the over-write feature, but it's not over-writing the videos. I just got an email saying

"You will no longer be able to record video clips to the SD card. Please go to the Arlo mobile app to delete older activity and re-activate storage of new recordings."

This kind of sucks because my neighbors car was side swiped today and I saw it. I could have provided them with info about the car, maybe even plate number, if the over-write had happened.
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Re: USB storage not over-writing

No cloud recording?


The USB is just backup for that.



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Re: USB storage not over-writing

This happened to me too. I got a notification saying there was motion, but no video was ever recorded. The overwrite flag is on, but it won't overwrite and now my USB is full. Anyone know what to do?
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Re: USB storage not over-writing

Properly eject the drive and copy any desired videos to your computer. Then either delete all the videos or reformat the drive using FAT32 (NOT exFAT!). If formatting, be aware that there's a bug in the base firmware so you can't format it when installed in the base so use the computer. Deleting the files may be simpler.

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Re: USB storage not over-writing

Who knows maybe that’s the bug, the files have been write protected hence can’t be overwritten or formatted for same reason.

If you turn off overwrite it will let you know when 80 percent full to give you time to archive, I use two USB sticks and change over USB when I get a almost full alert, just have to remember to archive.
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