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Total Arlo collapse! Videos gone and cannot login.

What happened? 


Arlo Pro 2 system. Working fine for months. Today, I logged in on the PC to check videos from last night. ALL my recordings are gone. As I checked every camera, it went from, say, 78 recordings to zero as I checked them. Then, suddenly, I am unable to log in to my account. The password is good, but nothing happens when I click LOGIN. Nothing. Tried logging in on the app, and I get the "token expired" warning. Then I get locked out of the app for too many attempts. When I try live chat I get "The chat window may only be launched from a button -- you cannot access it directly.".  


I have rebooted the system. I changed my password. If I enter the incorrect password, it tells me, but the proper one will not initiate. Any ideas why my videos went away? Before I got locked out, I could initiate a live view with no issue, but it did not seem to be recording.  Suggestions? CG

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Re: Total Arlo collapse! Videos gone and cannot login.

Well, nevermind! It suddenly started working again, and all videos are back. 


Still like to know why I cannot access Live Chat. 



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