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System Sends a Notice, Fails to Record, and stores corrupt file on USB drive

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PNelson Star

I bought a 5 camera Arlo Pro 2 system (VMB4000r3) and I have been having trouble.  It updated itself to the latest firmware last week.  The system works most of the time, but it has periodic reliability issues.  I have cases when it fails to record when multiple camera detect motion.  (Yes, I have confirmed I have set each cameras to record when it detects motion.)   Earlier this week, based upon tech support recommendation, I did a factory reset of the base station and resynced all the cameras.


The latest problem is I came home form walking the dog.  I got a notification when I arrived at my front door.  Later when I checked the videos, there was no video of me arriving at the front door on the cloud.  Nor was there a video when I let my dog out back which should have triggered the back-yard camera.   (I leave the system on and do not use the geo mode.)


I then checked the USB drive to see if it recorded me entering the house.  I found two files when I arrived home, but they were corrupt and would not play back.  Prior videos did not have any play back problems.  The system then failed to store locally  nine more videos from the alley camera which exists on the cloud storage.


Of course, when I tested the system after I noticed the problem, it works fine; I get a notice the front door was activated, and it recorded both to the cloud and USB drive, and the file on the USB drive is not corrupt.


Does anyone have any recommendations on solving these reliability problems?  Calls to technical support is like the movie Groundhog Day, they repeat the same solutions of take out the battery, resync the cameras.  I have done these multiple times and they refuse to refer me to tier 2 support.  Can anyone offer some possible solutions?

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey PNelson,


You mentioned that you contacted the support team regarding this. Let me reach out to you via private message to gather more information from you.