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System DOWN, but Let's Not Let The Customer Know?

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jarlo123 Aspirant

1#  Called Arlo support more than a 3 weeks ago for a new base as this one decides to freeze when it wants, she said I will send you another out but you must send the other back, thats fine I don't want your broke one.  still today I have not received the base station?     

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station, VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
jarlo123 Aspirant

sending one today!

jarlo123 Aspirant

My Arlo Pro 2 Cameras do not detect motion to most nothing, I am tired of calling your support department only for them two spend two hours going each step with each camera, enough is enough I have documented phone calls of a replacement station to be replaced since December 2018.


Called 1-3-2019 talked to someone over chat, they had no knowledge of the station being sent, just the replacement of a battery that was sent within 24 hours.


On 2-5-2019 I called and explained again the problem, they wanted me to go over the testing again, I said “absolutely no”. I am tired of this crap you either fix this, replace or refund, I am done!


They send they would send a station out immediately its 2-10-2019 and I have heard nothing…

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station