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Model # VMS4430P Arlo Pro 2 with 4+1 HD camera

Installed all 4 without issues & used to get at least 1 to 1.5 months until charging batteries. However, 3 are high up & painful to get down, hence I bought 3 x Arlo Solar Panels to plug into.

Just to ensure I had set it up correctly after seeing issues on this forum

I removed all batteries from the cameras, waited 10 minutes, & then replaced the batteries

I charged ALL 5 cameras to 100%.

I disconnected the base station, & re-started

Relinked the cameras to the station

Installed as per previous positions

All cameras have the same default settings

The cameras I plugged the solar panels into now lose charge at a frighting rate. 1 day, down to average 53%. This includes charging in bright sunlight ALL DAY. The solar panels do not increase the charge??? But all show charging icon. All solar panels orientated at the high point of the sun and are on an unobstructed roof. All cameras plugged into the Arlo solar panels exhibiting the same behaviour. The other cameras are still at close to 100%.

Removed the solar panels from all 3 & recharged the cameras back to 100%. Left overnight & next day with no solar panels connected, after 2 days, still showing 98%+


Experiment 1

Bought all 5 cameras back in & recharged all to 100%

Placed all cameras back out with only on connected to solar panel

Left for 48 hours

All cameras not plugged into solar panel read, 99%, 97%, 98%, 96%.

The one plugged into the solar panel is 56%


Experiment 2

Removed batteries & reset cameras

Charged 2 cameras to 100%

Placed both with default settings & PLACED BOTH SIDE BY SIDE

One had no solar connected

One had solar connected


After 24 hours

Camera with no solar power, 98%

Camera with solar power 51%

Mostly sunny day


Experiment 3

As per experiment 2 but swapped to another solar panel

After 24 hours

Camera with no solar power, 97%

Camera with solar power 54%

Mostly sunny day


Please advise my solution to this issue



I have the same issue of battery drain in a arlo ultra camera. I bought a ultra solar panel a few days ago from amazon. In the first few days I thought it was working ok with only a couple of hours of direct sun but the last two days were cloudy. Today the battery was down from 68% to 2% in a few hours. It means the solar panel is defective?



There are a lot of factors that can cause battery drain, how far away is the camera from the base station? What are the signal bars showing within the app?

Discussion stats
  • 26 Replies
  • 10 In Conversation